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Gas Line Installation

Gas Line Installation and Repair

Do you need a plumber near you to install a new gas line for your clothes dryer, stove and oven, home heating system or water heater or do you need repair? If you are in the Roseville area, we are here to serve you for all gas line installation and repair services.

A sign that you need repair is if you smell rotten egg or sulfur in your home or office. Another sign is a hissing or blowing sound near a gas line. Please call your gas company right away for assistance! If a gas company technician has already determined that you need repair, and you need an estimate call us so we can send our plumber to give you a free estimate.

The age of your home or gas line or a very recent natural disaster, such as an earthquake, is a good reason to have your gas line checked. Your gas company may offer this as a free service, so call the company first before hiring a plumber.

Regarding a new gas line, theoretically, installing new pipes is a simple process. Connecting pipes, connectors, and valves is not difficult, but could cause fire or an explosion if done improperly. Due to the inherent danger of dealing with gas because of its volatile and flammable nature, it is best to hire a licensed and experienced plumber. When it comes to gas lines, there’s little room for error, so do not try to do this yourself or hire someone without a license. When adding a gas-powered appliance or upgrading from an electric to a gas appliance, your home or commercial building may need a new gas line or a branch off an existing one to the new appliance.

A professional plumber will not only use piping materials and fittings that are designed to carry gas, but would also know which pipes will handle precise levels of BTUs per hour for your particular appliance. If the pipes provide too much, an explosion could occur, and if it’s too little, then your appliance may not work.

An experienced plumber will also seal your gas line, and conduct a test to ensure that your gas line is properly sealed to prevent a gas leak.

The cost of adding a new gas pipe will vary depending on the type of gas piping needed, the current state of an existing gas line, and the extend of the work required. A short extension will be less expensive than completely running a new line to another side of your property. For example, the cost will be lower if you are only moving your clothes dryer on the other side of a wall versus relocating your washer and dryer on the other side of your house, or to a level below or above the current location.

Why Choose Us for Gas Line Installation or Repair?

You should choose us because it is our mission to provide the superior plumbing services that customers rave about us to friends and family, by providing only the best — best customer

service possible, best trained and experienced plumbers, and best materials.

Our plumbers are fully licensed and bonded, and we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. View our BBB rating here: Sanctified Plumbing’s Better Business Bureau Rating. Futhermore, our plumbers are well-trained and have a lot of experience in repairing and installing new gas lines.

Give us a try. We are confident you will be satisfied with our service, but you don’t need to simply take our word for it. When we do a plumbing job, we give you a 3-year labor warranty. We do our best to install or repair your gas line right the first time, but in the rare event that you find that something is wrong, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay additional labor charges.

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